Skötselråd laminat
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Care instructions - laminate surfaces


Due to the resistant and hygienic, dense, surface, Hans K laminates do not require any special form of care. The surface is generally easy to clean and very durable. However, the bottom of a ceramic cup or plate can damage the surface permanently, therefore always use mats to protect against heat or mechanical damage.


For general cleaning, and for the removal of light dirt or deposits, wash the laminate using a soft damp cloth and a mild non-abrasive soap. Then rinse clean with a damp cloth and then dry using a soft cloth.


Highly concentrated fruit and vegetable juices must be wiped off immediately as some could cause permanent staining.


To avoid drying stains use a warm damp cloth rather than a cold or even better a window cleaner with ammonia which makes the liquid evaporate very quickly.

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