Material läder
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In the same way as wood furniture always becomes unique depending on grain and wood you always get a unique character on your leather furniture. Leather is a durable material and if it is cared for properly you can count on the product to get a very long life and grow more beautiful over the years. The material breathes and is also elastic and shapeable which makes it follow your body.



The material we use is a top coat leather of a very high quality. The leather has like a semi- and anilin- leather been tanned and dyed and has also got a transparent surface treatment. This makes the leather more resistant towards spots, dirt and use.


We work with the following leather types when producing our furniture.


Genuine leather

Our genuine leather is a light embossed aniline leather produced of South American hides. The hides have a soft and comfortable feeling and an elegant look. The thickness is 1,2-1,4 mm.


Bonded leather

Bonded leather is a recyclable leather where the leather waste has been combined with a binder on a fabric and has then been surface treated with polyurethane of a mat model to preserve looks, scent and feeling. Bonded leather is treated most suitably with products intended for PU and Bycast.

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