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We at Hans K aim for high quality in all fields and so also when it comes to our fabrics. We therefore work with both durable fiber art like polyester and nice natural materials like linen and cotton to get the most complete end product as possible. Our textiles are durable – as a standard our fabrics has a minimum of 30000 Martindales in durability where recommended is 15000 for home environment and 25000 for public environment. Our fabrics come in different designs and in several beautiful colors making it possible for you to combine your furniture to make it exactly as you want it.


We work with the following textiles while producing our furniture.


Synthetic made fibre



Polyester is a synthetic material with high durability and wrinkle resistance. Today polyester stands for approx 20% of the world production, making it the worlds second most important fabric material after cotton. The polyester is also easy to clean because dirt easily comes off and the material dries fast.



Viscose has a comfortable feeling which is nice to the skin. It gets its character through the high damp absorption of the fibre.. Viscose often has a soft, nice falling and dirt comes off easily making it easy to clean. Though be careful and delicate with the viscose material when washing because its characteristics worsen in a dry condition.


Natural fibre



Cotton is a natural material which to this date still is the most important material when it comes to clothing and home textiles. Cotton is very durable, both to heat and cleaning. Although you should be cautious toward shrinkage when it comes to cotton because it attracts a lot of damp and can therefore shrink.



Linen is like cotton a natural material from nature itself with a damp absorbent characteristic high durable strength. Linen brings out a beautiful structure and glow in the fabric. Linen need a somewhat more delicate washing up than cotton but is often easier to get clean and is also naturally resistant to dirt.