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ZIGZAG is a Windsor chair in solid wood. With relaxed angles and nice seating comfort it gets its unique characteristics. Genuine details. Balance and feeling. 


Y5 The Designer Sami Kallio has created a comfortable chair and productline that is unique in its design with the pattern of the 5 Y:s in the back of the chair. 


RAINBOW A bold game with straight lines and round, surging shapers. Designed for comfort and the best ergonomic seating comfort. Create your personal expression.  



VERONA Create a personal dining place with a groundbreaking freedom of choices. Clean design, flexible angles and high seating comfort. A lasting beauty. 


COLIBRI The design is influenced by the 50's and 60's. The flexibility belongs to the future. The Colibri offers a generous seating comfort and a well-thought-out consideration in every detail.  


The SAN MARCO chair´s functionality and ergonomics are integrated with an architectural gesture from past times, where the design is inspired from the historic St. Mark´s Square in Venice. 


RACQUET Cane is a fantastic material elastic and durable. Here packed in a trendy and clean design which will suit in both a lounge or a living room.


BIRCH is a multifunctional coat rack, that in a simple way, is stretched between floor and ceiling without damage. From 2,10-3,50 m.


ENTER is created to make a good first impression. A flexible hall collection which offers a personal freedom to chose, unloading and practical storage. Welcome home. 



FLEX A table collection created for meetings. Modern design for both private and public environments. Flex mix a characteristic shape language with generous durability.